Life is indeed a journey. But, it’s not one straight line from cradle to grave. No, it can be a seemingly meandering trail, looping, turning, retracing, climbing, falling, running, and staggering until the final destination, death, is reached. My own journey, thus far, reads as a not infrequent tale of joy and sorrow, confusion and change. Whether I am the only person to read this blog, or whether it is read by many, is of no consequence. Simply thinking about the past and pondering the present in writing will turn into part of my journey. Maybe my path will change as a result; maybe it won’t. Nothing is sure, as they say, except death and taxes.

Before I go on, let me introduce myself. I’m a woman, married, and in my fifties. I have taught in schools and colleges, and I’ve lived in several different countries. I was once an evangelical Christian; now, I’m agnostic. I am not what some might call a lazy agnostic; I continually search and question, and I intend for this blog to be a part of this process. Do not fear, however; I will not confine myself to the deadly serious. Life is more than that. I love to laugh, especially those belly-laughs that leave you sore. I love to ponder, to question, to play the devil’s advocate (although I’m not entirely sure why the devil should be given credit for honest questioning), and to think. So, I imagine, it will be difficult to categorize my blog into any particular genre.

With that all said, here ends the first blog entry. I’ve begun!


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