Debate? You call that a debate?

I made the decision to watch the September 17 Republican Debates last night, and I think I killed a very large number of brain cells in doing so. I wish I’d have company because it was so hard to believe that I was actually hearing some of the things coming out of the mouths of those 15 people. What is so mind-boggling to me is that they all think they’d make a good president, AND that they are delivering the thoughts and ideas they think people want to hear.

So, judging by their responses, they believe the American people do NOT want to hear anything about education, and almost nothing about health. They think the American people are perfectly ok with state and federal employees acting on their own prejudices and discriminating against people, and that it is perfectly acceptable to break laws if your religion “tells” you to. Every one of the 11 people in the 8pm debate would defund Planned Parenthood. Why? Because they watched (or more likely heard about) tapes that were heavily edited and very disingenuous which purportedly showed newborn babies being cut up and sold for body parts. So, even though abortion is probably about 3% of what PP does, because of these inaccurate tapes, we need to defund them completely. Oh, and the American people know that George W. Bush kept us safe from terrorists (not counting 9/11 or the possibly hundred thousand plus Iraqis slaughtered in the bogus Iraq war) and was not responsible for ANY of the bad decisions made during 2001-2008. Naturally, Obama made all those decisions (which makes him pretty darn talented!).

No other nation has a law to say a baby born in their country becomes a citizen thereof (so you had just better forget the 32 other countries that do have such a law!), and several of the wannabes will change that (which should be very interesting considering that right is enshrined in the constitution). Oh, and the Supreme Court is “out-of-control” – meaning, I think, that the Republican candidates for the nomination want to find a way TO “control” it. Blast that silly checks and balances thing! We have to get back to voting on wars; that is to say, Congress should vote on them. It’s bad that the President can unilaterally decide on a war (personally, I think they should have SAID SOMETHING when George W. Bush made it that way… but then, the average American will not be expected to remember that). One candidate told us he’d managed to balance the budget in 2000, a fact that is rather interesting because in 2000, Clinton was still president!

I could go on, but what I really want to say is that I think the debate was a big fat bust. It was NOT a debate; there was mud-slinging, platitudes a-plenty, misinformation, and outright err…  untruths, but no debate. The sole female candidate told us she wouldn’t even speak to Putin, so I guess her foreign policies will be built with baby-Lego in a pre-school. “Na-nana-nah-naah, I’m not talking to you!” I came away with no real understanding of their philosophies and policies, only that government was more concerned with building walls, speaking English, and making sure Planned Parenthood did not get any federal funds. Yet, and this would be funny if it weren’t so terribly sad, they also kept moaning about how the government is way too big. Sorry people, I have news for you. If you want to get intimately involved with law-breaking clerks of court, language debates, wall-building, enlarging the military, overseeing public service entities, Supreme Court controlling, vaccines, wars and marijuana use, then you’re going to HAVE to have a huge government. Although, apparently, they will get rid of the Departments of Education and Environment because they’re just not worth mentioning.


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