Elections, Selections

I’ve not written in what seems like forever. Not because there’s been nothing to write about, au contraire, there’s just been so very much. But… if I don’t start back now, I will go on simply thinking all this stuff rather than lay it out in a (hopefully) more organized manner.

Here it the US, the presidential election is the biggest news, and quite possibly, the biggest political show in decades. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m not a US citizen, and therefore I cannot (and do not) vote. Nor do I register with a political party. I am neither republican nor democrat. What I am is an observer, and I hope I’m a very thoughtful one. What I observe scares me.

I see a democracy in trouble. Why? Because people are not thinking; they are reacting. They are reacting to topics that clearly scare them (immigration, minorities, “big brother government”, poverty). The question I ask myself is “why are people so scared, and why can they not think through issues?” Perhaps it is a result of an education so focused on learning facts to pass a test rather than one focusing on teaching people to really think. And yes, logical thought does have to be taught.

I ask myself, “do people REALLY believe that Trump can deport 11 million immigrants?” Eleven million is a very big number. Hitler moved about that many people in the holocaust, and look at how he did that! Years of laws and propaganda intended to isolate, registrations, and taking over an extensive and busy rail system. Do people really want that??? If yes, I have no words. We learned nothing from the holocaust. If no, people aren’t thinking.

And the wall. When have walls ever worked? People find ways around, under, over walls. If the underlying issues causing people to want to move from A to B are not resolved, they will continue to try. Many of the problems people are attempting to flee from are products of the USA! Too harsh? What about the USA’s “interventions” in central America? What about the United Fruit Company? What about the jobs that have moved from the USA to central and south America? Did they move there in order to bestow living wages and benefits to others? No, they moved to save money. And let’s look at the huge elephant in the room, drugs. The violence in countries south of our border is focused around the drug trade. And where is the largest market? The USA. Yes, WE are contributing to the horrific living conditions people are attempting to flee from.

And Trump thinks he can deport 11 million people, build a wall, and fix it all. In truth, I imagine he doesn’t think that at all, but he knows people are scared, and he knows they will grab his ideas and run with them. He seems to be right. And that, I’m afraid, appalls me. You see, a democracy is only as strong as its people. And if its people are not taught to think, democracy will not last. Real discourse can only take place when different people discuss issues from multiple angles. This means people need to think about those angles, then be able to communicate their ideas in logical, reasoned ways.

“I’m right; you’re wrong”

“No, I’m right; you’re wrong”

… is not discourse. It’s election 2016.






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