What do you have to live for?

For many years, I believed that without God, there’d be nothing to live for. I believed that those “without God” had no basis for morality, and no real reason to live. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that my view has changed.

Yes, for decades I was a bible-believing, born-again, evangelical Christian. I attended a Bible College and then went on to spend several years in the mission field. All the time, I staunchly believed the above. However, in the past couple of years or so, I have come to believe that the idea of a god is not only unsupported, but most likely dangerous. If anyone reading this (if anyone does indeed read this blog) is like I was, I can imagine you’ll be thinking I was never saved, and never had a relationship with God. You would be wrong, however. My “relationship with God” was as real to me as it was possible to be; it was no different from others around me, and I would have died for my beliefs.

So, how do I explain all this now. It’s really rather simple. I think the human brain can “trick” itself into anything. Our memories are flawed, our observations at crimes have sent innocents to the electric chair, and billions of people have believed that they had or have a relationship with a god. The devout Hindu, the committed Muslim, the religious Jew… all would claim a relationship with their god (or gods). How can they all be right? In reality, they can’t be. Only one thing is common to all these people: they have a human brain.

So, anyway, here’s why I think belief in a god or a religion can be very dangerous. Let’s say you believe that God made the earth and that God made to populate and have dominion over it. Let’s say that the same God tells you that life on this world is only a precursor to the after-life, an after-life that is never-ending as compared to the world, which will in fact end. What motive would there be for such a believer to look after the earth? Why bother, when it’s going to end and you’re not going to be there long anyway?

On the other hand, if you believed that this life was the only one you’d ever have, you would have an incredible motive to look after it. One only has to look at the US Congress. Those who deny climate change, those who are not interested in preserving this planet, indeed, those who want to rape the planet… who are they? Are they “non-believers” or “believers”?

So yes, I do believe that those with no belief in a god actually have MORE to live for, and MORE reason to do good in this world.


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