What’s all this about healthcare?

This past week, I’ve actually written letters… well, emails, actually… to some congressmen and women (2 of each, actually) about the healthcare fiasco. Personally, I am utterly horrified that ANY leadership organization would even CONTEMPLATE getting rid of something without having, in the wings, ready and waiting, a well-thought out replacement. I mean to say, would you cancel your mortgage agreement and THEN start calling other lending institutes to see what kind of deals you could get? Would you cancel your life insurance policy and THEN look into alternatives? No-one in their right mind would do such a thing! But people IN the Right seem to have no problem doing exactly that when it doesn’t affect them personally.

I’m willing to bet that the health insurance package available to Congress members is pretty darn good. I’m willing to bet that if the ACA goes, THEIR health package would stay. I wonder how many republicans would be so hell-bent on voting down the ACA if they knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this would mean their personal healthcare would disappear?

Ok, so before you start muttering about the ACA, let me say something else. I do think the ACA needs to be adjusted and modified. My argument is not that there are no problems with the ACA and we should just keep it for ever. Nor is my argument against the actual idea of repealing the Act (although I personally wouldn’t want to see that happen). No, my argument is that it shouldn’t be repealed in order to leave us all in some kind of healthcare void. I think it’s thoroughly irresponsible. Criminal, actually. People WILL DIE as a result.

So why is there this attitude on the right (excepting the senators from Maine and Alaska, who I admire more than I can say for standing up for the “common folk” and bearing the brunt of sexist comments from congress members and bullying via the Trump)? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because they are still angry about having a Black president? Maybe they receive nice fat donations from lobby groups opposed to the ACA? Maybe the idea of looking after those who cannot look after themselves is just SO repugnant to them that at ALL COSTS this Act must go? It would be quite interesting to talk to one of the rabid would-be repealers. I am particularly intrigued with Mitch McConnell. What is his agenda? His state has arguably gained the most from the ACA, yet he is HELL-BENT on getting rid of it at any cost. Why?

Do these people not care about the people in nursing homes who will be kicked out? The people with special needs or with high-cost prescription drugs (and who presently get those via Medicaid) which actually keep them alive? How about those taking anti-psychotic drugs? Do they really want all those people to suddenly stop being able to take their medications?

I wish I understood.

Republicans. If you want to repeal ACA, that is your right. But please, do it RESPONSIBLY! Before you do, though, why don’t you have a good look at the legislation and see if your party can improve it? Wouldn’t it be awesome to go down in history as the party that developed and strengthened and widened healthcare coverage in the US?

Or would you really rather be the party that destroyed it?



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